Thursday 3 October 2013

An Answering TTP Foundation 1st

Taryn during her Walk to Answer TTP

We are excited to announce that we have added a new member to the team. Taryn Byrne is our Charitable Programs Director. She will execute education, awareness, and support initiatives. Her duties will also include coordination of our grant process. The addition of this first paid position demonstrates the Foundation’s dedication to sustainability.

Taryn is a skilled individual with a strong passion to support volunteers and further the goals of a deserving cause. Last year she developed and managed two fundraisers to help raise money for a single mother of 3 who was off work due to illness, and was not qualified for benefits or compensation during her time off. Both fundraisers were 100% volunteer and donation based. Taryn knows first-hand the blood, sweat and tears that are shed by volunteers to run a successful fundraiser. She will do her best to make the most of every hard earned dollar to further the Foundation’s mission.

Getting to know Taryn over the past few months, it is clear that she is eager to gain knowledge of TTP, and to learn how she can further the goals of the TTP Community. She is enthusiastic about her new role and excited to help make a difference.

On behalf of the Answering TTP community welcome Taryn!

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