Wednesday 29 January 2014

2013 Charitable Receipts

Over the past couple of weeks the Answering TTP Foundation, along with some of its dedicated volunteers, has been hard at work preparing all 2013 charitable receipts for distribution to our generous donors

Because the Foundation receives donations from around the globe, this was no easy task. The content  that accompanies each receipt is slightly different, based on the donor's community, and is tailored to reflect upcoming fundraising events and volunteer opportunities each donor can participate in.

Thankfully, we had some amazing volunteers who offered up their time to prepare the contents as well as stuff the receipts!

Two dedicated volunteers helped us by cutting all 400 Chance for Change invites, which
accompanied receipts to Ontario, Canada donors.

We would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers who made this year's receipting day one full of laughs that flew by without a hitch. Even our littlest volunteer, Heather, and our two furry volunteers, Tucker and Riley, were on hand to help!

Receipt Day! Volunteers diligently ensuring each receipt is sent out with
the correct community content!

Did you know that the Answering TTP Foundation is always looking for volunteers? We have even created an easy Volunteer Information Form that can be completed on our website. Our Volunteer Information Form allows you to tell the Foundation how you would like to get involved and when, making it easy for us to let you know where we can use your expertise! As the Foundation grows, so does our need for dedicated individuals who can make time to help when their schedule allows. Volunteering doesn't mean you have to dedicate all of your spare time to us, just a couple of hours here and there when it's convenient for you. 

We have LOTS of volunteer opportunities both in person and virtual. No matter where you live in the world, we have ways for you to get involved!

Fill out the Volunteer Information Form TODAY and help us to better the prognosis for TTP patients!

Friday 10 January 2014

Host Your Own Fundraiser in Support of Answering TTP Foundation in 2014

New Year's resolutions don't just have to be about kicking a bad habit or being more health conscious! They can be about starting a new habit - one that makes a difference in the lives of others, as well as your own! Why not make getting more involved with the Answering TTP Foundation your 2014 resolution! There are many ways that this can be done, including organizing an event to benefit the Foundation by raising funds and life-saving awareness for TTP!

As most of us know Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) is a rare blood disorder that is diagnosed at a rate of approximately 3 in 1 million every year. It is far too rare to make it economical for pharmaceutical companies to specialize in the research needed to find a cure. Thanks to a handful of dedicated fundraising teams, Answering TTP Foundation has dedicated almost half a million dollars to research thru 2016. But there is so much more research needed.  Effective TTP research is not possible without the help of our small TTP community to raise funds that will be put towards TTP research to improve treatment and ultimately find a cure. You are needed.

A lot of people in our growing community continue to ask this question. They know TTP is rare and potentially fatal; they themselves or someone they love has battled TTP and they want to do something to help a community that they know needs help.

Why not organize an event to help raise funds for Answering TTP Foundation in your community? Your event does not need to be grand or elaborate - it just needs to work for you! Not only will your event help to raise funds for TTP, it will also help to generate more awareness of this disease that desperately needs more attention to speed diagnosis and save lives!

Making an event or idea come to life can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to be and Answering TTP Foundation is here to help! Check out our NEW Organize a Fundraiser page for some ideas of the types of events that you can easily bring to life in your community! Or if you have a great idea of something you would like to do tell us about it by reading over our Event Guidelines Form and filling out our Event Proposal Form. Still don’t think this is as easy as it sounds? Check out what some people have organized in support of Answering TTP Foundation:

This sign and jar are simply placed on the lunch room table every
Friday for employees to drop their donation in to.

This is a prepackaged event that is easy to organize at any office. Every week on Friday employees at Unilock Corporate Offices donate $2 to the Foundation  and wear jeans that day!

Costume Parties:

Employees at Unilock Corporate office dress up to celebrate
Halloween and donate to a worthy cause.

Unilock Corporate office took their donations a step further this October when they decided to turn Halloween into a donation day! All employees dressed up and made a small donation of $1-$2 to the Answering TTP Foundation. It doesn’t sound like a lot but every little bit helps! This event can also be successful at any business or even at home; why not make your next costume party a benefit by asking guests to bring a small donation?

Bake Sales:

Bake sales are always a favourite and a few community members have hosted them at their offices. 

Art Shows:

Chris at her art show in Toronto, ON.
Chris asked that all attendees bring a bit of change to be
donated to the Answering TTP Foundation.

On December 12th, 2013 Chris Bryant held an art show featuring her artwork. She asked all attendees bring their loose change to donate to the Answering TTP Foundation! The loose change fundraiser is a great one that always proves to be successful. You would be amazed at how many people carry around loose change that they are more than willing to donate!


Wedding cards

Wedding cards

On June 1st, 2013 Gergana and Momchil got married in Bulgaria. Instead of gifting each of their guests with a wedding favour, they made a generous donation to the Answering TTP Foundation and gave each of their guests a card with a TTP ribbon explaining the donation! 

Guests arriving at the Carin' 4 Karen event!

Derek (Karen's Husband), Karen, Wendy (Karen's best friend)
& Syd on stage at the concert.

In August of 2012, the husband and best friend of a patient who had recently battled TTP surprised her with a benefit concert to recognize her battle and to raise awareness and funds for TTP. Read more about the Carin' 4 Karen event in a previous blog post. 

Guests at 2013 Chance for Change Game Night

This is an event that is held every year in Toronto, ON. The Chance for Change Game Night was an event that the Founder of Answering TTP Foundation started in her home in 2009! Since 2009, the event has been held annually, and has gained a lot of local attention! Its attendance has grown so much so that it can no longer be held in her home and last year it was relocated to a local venue so that more people can attend. Every year the event brings new faces that help us to raise life-saving awareness and funds for TTP. Why not get together with friends and family and hold an event in your local community - perhaps a backyard barbecue, a game night, a street yard sale or party? 

No matter how big or small your idea is it CAN make a difference. Start something small or try your hand at an annual event and get your community involved! Every little bit helps and together as a community, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by TTP!

Questions... Send us an email at!