Duana Taha, Fundraising Committee Answering TTP Foundation, is a screenwriter whose television credits include Degrassi and Lost Girl.  Prior to her scripted work Duana was a producer at CTV on eTalk and countless live programs including the TONY Awards, JUNO Awards, and many other red carpets. She's thrilled to bring her experience in this area to the Chance & Change Committee. Duana also writes for and spends her free time with her dog, Libby, and planning her upcoming wedding to the wonderful Michael Kerr, who was happy to write this bio for her. 

Dianna Martin, Medical Intelligence Chair Answering TTP Foundation, was diagnosed with TTP in May 2010. She currently works as a research fellow at The Hospital for Sick Children studying genetics in disease. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2001 and earned a PhD in Biochemistry and Medical Genetics from the University of Manitoba in 2008. She is also a volunteer on the Hemophilia Society’s Blood Safety Committee and a member of several professional societies including the American Society of Medical Genetics.

Sherry Garcia, new volunteer on the 2014 Chance for Change event committee, is a Certified Management Accountant and graduated from Wilfrid Laurier's Bachelor of Business Program in 1994 but she promises that she is not as boring as that sounds.  Sherry will be writing about her experiences as a new volunteer and she really hopes that you will be inspired to join her on the committee.

Sydney Kodatsky, Executive Director Answering TTP Foundation, was originally diagnosed with TTP in September 2008. Since that time she has persevered through three additional relapses and garnered support for this orphaned condition along the way. She is a senior manager for the Unilock Group of Companies and works out of the corporate office in Toronto . Sydney graduated from Queen’s University Engineering in 2003, and in 2008 she successfully completed her MBA from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Sydney received a Volunteer award from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for her outstanding dedication and service. 

Taryn Byrne, Charitable Programs Director Answering TTP Foundation. In April of 2013 Taryn was brought on as the first staff member of the Answering TTP Foundation. This is a very exciting step for the Foundation as it shows its growth and dedication towards sustainability. Taryn first became interested in not-for-profit work when a family member fell ill and needed help to survive financially while undergoing treatment. Along with the help of many other generous people, she was able to raise enough money over two fundraisers to see the family member through her entire treatment and recovery! After that Taryn knew that her calling lay in not-for-profit, which brought her to the Answering TTP Foundation where she saw the need to help find answers.