Friday 13 September 2013

Show Us Your Spirit!

Note: This is not a cash prize. Money will be added to the individual or team's total fundraised amount to fund TTP education, support and research.

Toronto Walkers 2012
Imagine how balloons, face paint 
& red clothing would 
draw more attention.
In years past, registrants in the Walk to Answer TTP Together have showed their spirit by registering for the Walk. On walk day everyone would wear their unique T-shirts to raise life-saving awareness for TTP. This year we wanted to pump up the spirit a little more,  therefore we are offering a Spirit Award to the TEAM or INDIVIDUAL who shows the MOST spirit during their walk! the winning team or individual will win an additional donation of $350 that will be added to your final donation total (Award has no cash value). Also the team captain of the winning team or individual who wins the first ever Spirit Award will receive a unique item to commemorate your award and contribution to TTP awareness spirit!

Since the announcement of this new award during our September 5th Kick-off-Call we have been inundated with individuals and teams asking us what they can do to show their spirit to win the award? This has prompted the Answering TTP Foundation to brainstorm a few ideas for you! 

Below is a list of some of the ideas we had. **Please note none of the below ideas are requirements of participating in the Walk to Answer TTP Together. They are meant to be suggestions to add some extra spirit to your walk if you would like to.
  • Red Balloons, Steamers, Ribbons or Bristol board – These are great tools to draw attention to yourself or your team as you walk!
  • Face Paint – Why not paint your face red or write TTP on your face with face paint? For those of you who are really artistic you can try drawing puzzle pieces on walkers cheeks.
  • Red Clothing to Complement Your Event T-shirt – Look through your closet, maybe you have a great pair of red pants or shorts that you can wear, red socks or a red long-sleeve shirt you can wear under your Walk T-shirt if you live in a colder climate (remember to keep your walk T-shirt visible as your top layer of clothing, should you need to layer).

We hope that the list above will help to inspire the spirit in your walk. We can’t wait to see what bigger and better ideas you come up with! Remember to be eligible for the spirit award you must send us pictures and videos! We want to see your TTP life-saving awareness spirit, and how much fun you had during your walk!

** Please note if you would like to be considered for The Spirit Award pictures must be submitted to no later than Monday, September 30, 2013 **

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