Wednesday 1 May 2013

Winnipeg Meet & Greet

Group Photo
On Sunday April 14, 2013 Answering TTP Foundation held its first support group session in Winnipeg, MB. It was a great success! We had 20 patients and supporters attend the event.

Thank you to Mina Rajan, Patient Advisory Board Alberta, who helped to break the ice by sharing her journey with TTP, which started over 15 years ago.

Break-Out Groups
The break-out groups offered all participants the opportunity to share their experiences. As a patient, it is comforting to discuss ongoing effects and anxieties with others that have experienced a TTP crisis. By sharing, patients can support each other and foster hope.

But patients aren't the only ones affected by a TTP diagnosis. A patient's support network is a critical ingredient to recovery. These special people, who hold our hands through this trauma, benefit from talking through their experiences too.

 Foundation Update by Gergana Sandeva
Gergana Sandeva, Patient Advisory Board Ontario, presented an update from the Foundation and encouraged all participants to get involved by:
Every person touched by TTP provides the community with further insight into this complex and rare disorder.  Thank you to all who participated!

Written by Sydney Kodatsky.

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