Tuesday 11 November 2014

The 2014 Walk to Answer Together Spirit Award Goes to...

Team: Cindy Moes (captain: Melissa Angermeier)

Congratulations to this year’s Walk to Answer TTP Together Spirit Award winner Team Cindy Moes! This team went above and beyond to capture the Spirit Award!

Picture from Team: Cindy Moes
We were lucky enough to speak with team captain Melissa Angermeier before the September 20, 2014 event because she helped us put together a blog to help inspire other participantspreparation for the Walk! So we knew that she was planning to go big on spirit this year, but what this team did blew us away!

Members of Team Cindy Moes on Walk day

From their Foundation provided Walk t-shirts, to red wigs, knee-highs and hand cut puzzle pieces and balloons that lined their route, this team had it all!! We are sure that their wild and spirited walk helped to raise an abundance of life-saving awareness for TTP in their local of South Dakota.

This team also went above and beyond to help raise awareness by getting the attention of a local newspaper that published a story about TTP, the Foundation and the Walk!!

Team Cindy Moes attracts media attention
Amazing work Team Cindy Moes!! Your hard work and efforts is helping to spread global life-saving awareness and raise life-changing funds for TTP!

This year's personalized prize.
To see more pictures from this year's event please visit our photo book HERE

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