Tuesday 29 October 2013

The 2013 Walk to Answer TTP Together Top Fundraising Individual Award goes to....

This year the Walk to Answer TTP Together raised over $30,000!!!

Congratulations to Mina who raised $4,545 for TTP education, support and research during her 2013 Walk to Answer TTP Together fundraising campaign! As part of the reward for this amazing accomplishment, an additional $350.00 has been donated by an anonymous donor to Mina’s fundraising bringing her final total to $4895. Wow!

Not only is Mina a fundraising machine, she is also one of the Foundation’s most involved virtual volunteers. Mina is an active member of our Patient Advisory Board, participant in some of the Foundation's support programs and is often a presence during our support groups in person or via teleconference. Mina has taken it upon herself to become as active as possible with the Foundation - as a patient who battled TTP she is all too aware of the importance of raising awareness and funds for TTP to ensure that one day we find an answer for TTP. 

This year's unique prize that will be sent to Mina!

Thank you again to Mina for all your hard work during the Walk to Answer TTP Together and as an active volunteer with the Foundation. To find out more about how you can get involved please visit us HERE.

Thank you to all those who have donated to and participated in the Walk to Answer TTP Together

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